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2016-A leap year, will it enable Tech’s Giant Leap?

Keenly awaiting the Tech sector to step in the real direction of singularity.

I, like many a keenly awaiting people, waiting for 2016 with an eye on Tech progress and trends to shock and delight us all. But while anticipating breakthrough disruptions throughout the industry I would keep special eye on a few sectors where I feel tech is bound to take the giant leap. So come on 2016 let’s see what you’ve in store for us and a fun Leap year will unfold many a tech surprises for us.

I will try to put a 4 point focus on the tech trends and will gauge my analysis throughout the year to see how well I find my understanding of the industry to serve me to know how close I am to understand the dynamics of it.

I agree a few of the points might be a no brainers but still I have to capture them to keep the view holistic and rounded

  1. Big Data marries Cloud Computing & Cloud Storage
  2. 3-D Printing and it’s real world use
  3. VR & AR & its extension to Virtual Assistants
  4. Self-Driving Cars & Transportation’s next frontier 

Only 2016 December will tell, how well these predictions came out to be but for now these are my top 4 Tech Trends to watch out for.

1. Big Data marries Cloud Computing & Cloud Storage

Big data has been chiming all the rings & bells and many a forum are shouting out loud about it being the next big thing to happen to computing and the organizations on the whole, but there has been real lukewarm response to the Big Data revolution in 2015.

Cloud adoption on the other hand created a lot of fervor and furor in the market and many big organizations adopted or at-least shown inclination to have a sound Cloud computing strategy to come up soon. Couple that with the transformation of standard File Servers to Could Storage we are looking forward for a revolution of sorts in the making.

What separates that revolution to be one and not just another fad is a sound incorporation of Big Data mining principles to work on the cloud storage without damaging the performance differential created by Cloud Storage for the enterprise. If that happens then we are surely standing at the cusp of the next Tech transformation triggered by first wave of Business Analytics tools that added seem less reporting and documentation tools to standard MIS. I’ll keep a keen eye on this space.

 2. 3-D Printing and it’s real world use

Yes 3-D printing is becoming more of a convenience and adoption is boosted by ever reducing Maker bots prices for end users. That will keep it’s track and as more users are added to the fold more real life uses of the technology will come to picture. More heads looking at the problem find more solutions for it.

What I really would like to see is 3-D printers providing ease of operability where a student can print an entire solution of his science project and submit the working prototype to his school. In order for that to happen we still have a long way to go, but 2016 will definitely add a few constructive building blocks to solve that puzzle.

Next hidden problem with that solution comes the waste management of these printed solutions, like paper these 3-D renditions may not be that recyclable or easily decomposed. How will this problem be handled? As to make a 3-D maker bot that is cheap may not have the best of the waste managements. I am sure 2016 will provide such answers with it too.

 3. VR & AR & its extension to Virtual Assistants

There are 2 parallel technology maturity cycles running in parallel, VR & AR are still finding it’s adopters and more will come in 2016 adding more usage of the technology like more games, movies exercise equipment and even medical equipment to the scene. In parallel we have Virtual Assistants like Cortana, Siri, Google Now etc, increasing the amount of AI going behind predicting the right and relevant answer to your next question.

Combine the two and you’ll get nothing short of Samantha a an intelligent computer operating system personified through a female voice as depicted in movie Her (2013). Jonze visualized it well where the AI moved towards passing the Turing test to a level where it becomes difficult to differentiate between an AI and Human.

We are still a long way to reach there but a true experience will come when these 2 parallel researches are married together and evolve as a single solution. Definitely 2016 is not the year where this will happen but again the steps we’ll be taking now will be the building blocks for future renditions.

 4. Self-Driving Cars & Transportation’s next frontier

Google’s tryst with the self-driven cars and California’s funny decision to still implement a Self-driving car with a steering will pose interesting problems to come, but we might be stepping towards a practical purpose of this tech and may find one of the first cities adopting a Self-driven cab service depending on your source and destinations info fed through an app.

Imagine the 1990’s Total Recall Johnny cab with a humanoid figurine fitted with a speaker to assist you with the small talk while the self-driven car is taking you along is not that far off. I believe California City Council saw 1990’s Total Recall to ask for the steering wheel in the Self-Driving cab as even the Johnny cab was fitted with a joystick for manual override.

Expect a cab company coming out of Elon Musk’s or Google Stable that will take away the last straw of support left after Uber Revolution for Cab Drivers in US and world over later. Cabbie as a career is heading for its last decade.

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