Adding to chaos, SG Fintech Festival

Those who follow the Fintech Sector closely in Singapore are surely having the time of their life. It’s that time of the year approaching where the craze and euphoria for a particular sector is at its crescendo. Almost reaching the levels of yearly F1 jamboree.

Adding to the chaos is the Marquee event announced by Monetary Authority of Singapore in April, the Singapore’s Fintech Festival. It was like the Caesar’s announcement of the gladiator games. LET THE GAMES BEGIN”.

Almost all financial power houses is having its own bit of fun and party happening and the D-Day is 14 –Nov. From Banks to insurance companies, to payment companies are all having their own event hosted on 14-Nov, and practically at same time.

Just to highlight a few below is the window of chaos

  • Visa Innovation Center tour Visa Worldwide Pte Limited MON, NOV 14 9:00 AM
  • FinTech Festival Lab Crawl: The Open Vault, Realising Innovations The Open Vault at OCBC, Singapore MON, NOV 14 10:00 AM
  • The Branch of the Future: KPMG Digital Village @ SG FinTech Festival KPMG Digital Village, Singapore MON, NOV 14 10:00 AM
  • Singapore FinTech Festival: Innovation Lab Crawl – LumenLab LumenLab– MetLife Innovation Center MON, NOV 14 2:00 PM

Also there are numerous hackathons, tech fests, fintech talks and events organized with clashing dates all over Singapore and people are sometimes left scratching their heads which one to attend.

Of course each event offers something unique and something valuable, but wouldn’t it be beneficial if the community at large to attend one event a week or something similar that gets a full focused audience and a bigger audience.

I don’t foresee any regulator would be regulating this as this is the enthusiasm that adds more people to the sector, but still it is too overwhelming for the industry watchers.

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