AI-based new Customer Engagement Marketing Era – The First Chapter

It’s very hard to understand this world without marketing. How we will get to know about brands all around. But before we start this subject, we need to understand things very well. writing information in an unexpected way helps our brain pay more attention when we are in conversion. So here are avatars-

Miss Boss believes marketing Modern Marketing has totally evolved with time and it can be defined in 5 major era’s

First Gen Marketing(1940 to 1960)
Outsourcing Marketing Era(1960 to 1990)
Relationship Marketing Era(1990 to 2010)
Social Marketing Era(2010 to 2015)
Whats Next, Lets understand?

and asks Guru what he believes. Guru concludes, Values derived from each of this generation will never die; they will always evolve and core value is always one-to-one-marketing which some marketers believe was evolved during 1990’s but it was and will be in DNA of marketing. But MR Boss says n=1 or 1=1 was first introduced in 1990. How are you say, this is a core value of marketing.

Mr. Guru laughs and says, let’s talk about the cosmos of marketing. What was the first marketing offer in this world? Adam was offered everything in this world but not Apple, But still, Apple was selected by him, How God designed campaign for Adam. He created anxiousness in that apple and it was picked. With the Start of the Industrial Revolution, many universities introduced this course on Marketing and focus was same “How to design campaign and value was n=1 “. With time only way which has changed is a derivation of n(how you derive n, based on the economy and based on historical experience which you now call data.) So magic is always in value n.

Campaign team heard all this and said How can we be productive after Social Marketing Era, we still see so much engagement where our company and our competitors invest in Marketing solutions which can be interrogated with traditional channels traditional or digital like SMS, Email, CRM or company based interaction portals like APPS, Websites etc or with social platforms destinations like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. A typical example would be CMP, DMP, CDP enterprise level solution . Is this enough to get value n for customers? 

Mr. Guru replies Campaign Team, Are you happy with your Life? and Says

In the past customer engagement involved segmenting customers by demographics or by life cycle attributes and this was core mantra for customer engagement. This customer lead data was almost static and hardly used to change like Age, Address and personal preferences and engagement campaigns were set on these parameters. initially, after implementing such a solution, it gave success initially but with time customer engagement spike becomes flat. 

Digitization has almost changed this world, everyone on this planet is holding smartphones. Today’s customers are engaged with brands constantly looking for there liking on e-commerce sites, search engines(like Google) or on brand web/app contents. This behavioral data can help brands with one to one customer engagement. This data is very fast and is in huge volumes. Next Era looks like-

Value based Social Marketing Era(2015 onwards)

The Huge amount of data, AI is the only way which can help brands with value-based marketing, which is the next generation of marketing. The solution should automate customers behavior in a given a span of time and ship offer to the customer.

In Short, Guru recommends Campaign Team must be transformed into AI Based Campaign team in this Data-based marketing age on any Marketing Platform which has been ever implemented.

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