HR Functions in Banks

As downplayed as they are HR is one of the most important and human interaction intensive department of any organisation. Right from the recruitment, to on-boarding of a new joiner, for ongoing HR Assistance in trivial things like simple processes to complex insurance claims and ultimately leaving the organisation HR function is a support function that is always there. Hence it is a very high point for this function to get the brunt of heat from employees & even ridicule if the function fails to perform.

In many cases people say being a Project Manager is a thankless job. All works fine the credit goes to the team and anything slips, the project manager is to be blamed for lack of planning and vision. Now imagine, being a project manager in HR function. It’s a double trouble and few take the challenge and deliver so nonchalantly. Working with my HR Project Manager gave me that feeling as I was managing the projects from IT side.

But in my past working relationship with the Product Owner from HR gave me interesting insights about how to self-motivate and keep going about the job with an enthusiasm of a newly joined professional. Of course, you need to love your job but there is more to it, and here is what I felt was different from others.

  1. Keep exploring the pains of an employee journey
  2. Important to focus on employee experience
  3. Keep an eye on the competitors in the same space
  4. Remain empathetic to employees
  5. Be ready to scrape through with the low budgets to deliver world class experience

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