Pitch for Crowdfunded Insurance for Expats

I had faced this problem and I know quite a few who have seen this far too often. As an Expat when you are in an alien country, no matter how secure your job is, the health risks are real. General Insurance & Health insurance companies often try to fit the expats in their existing products.

A few do try to create special products for expats but such products are usually targeted for High net worth professionals. I introduce the idea of SaraLife – An integrated Risk Calculator for Expats. If you like the idea then let’s make it a capstone project and work for it. I am happy to court your questions around it.

I am targeting this idea currently for Singapore, as Singapore as a high percentage of foreigners living in and due to it’s healthy Fintech Ecosystem is the best place to be a great sandbox for such an effort. Once the rules engine and risk calculator matures, this model is scalable to any city like NY, London HK, Sydney where we can sell licenses for this risk engine to all the local Insurance companies.

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